The China and New Zealand Business Council ("CANZBC") is a bi-national, private, member-supported organisation assisting New Zealand and Chinese companies and professionals in understanding and conducting successful business together, as well as in developing solid business relationships between China and New Zealand. Its goal is to become the point of contact for New Zealand public and private corporations, companies and businesspeople engaged or wanting to be engaged in business relationships with the People's Republic of China.


  • Seeks to support trade between China and New Zealand businesses,
  • Is supportive of the constructive relationship between the China and New Zealand governments, and
  • Recognises the "One China" policy.

CANZBC will provide a bridge between the commercial sectors of the two countries, by organising a variety of commercial programmes, playing an advisory and advocacy role for its members, drawing on an extensive network of business and government contacts to make the right connections from the outset, and performing an instrumental role in assisting members entering the market.

CANZBC will assist New Zealand businesses in hosting visiting delegations from and to China, and in organising seminars, conferences, and other events in connection with their business activities and also help New Zealand businesses broaden their market reach and build relationships.

CANZBC will provide extensive and tailored Business Advisory Services on a wide range of business interests and concerns to members. It will arrange business seminars, organise Free Trade Agreement programmes, provide both current and relevant information, and offer companies the chance to share ideas and experiences.

CANZBC will play an active role in the analysis and advocacy of key policy issues of specific significance to China and New Zealand businesses.

CANZBC will actively support government policies conducive to enhancing the two countries commercial and economic ties, including meetings with members of parliament and key government officials. CANZBC will also liaise with the media to increase public understanding of complex issues in China - New Zealand relations.

CANZBC will act as an extension of the in-house services that China and New Zealand companies devote to business development in both countries. It will, for example, act as a catalyst to New Zealand companies' effort in venturing into the China market, and provide assistance in dealing with the many challenges and complexities that these companies face in the business environment in China.

CANZBC will lobby the governments of the two countries in promoting positive business climates and facilitating business ventures. This will include active participation in policy debates and serving on relevant working committees to shape the future economic links between the two countries.

CANZBC will be the voice of its members on key policy initiatives such as:

  • Submission of position papers that provide China and New Zealand government officials with responsible, accurate and persuasive arguments on critical policy concerns.
  • Support for the activities and presence of New Zealand businesses in China though congressional testimony, interviews with media and engagement with the Chinese government including visits to China by the CANZBC representatives for high level advocacy meetings.
  • Sustained efforts to inform members of parliament and government officials of New Zealand's commercial interests in China, and vice versa.

Through its many business meetings and membership programmes CANZBC will offer executives from member companies numerous opportunities to engage with China and New Zealand officials, private sector specialists and other business people.