The China and New Zealand Business Council ("CANZBC") is a bi-national, private, member-supported organization that assists New Zealand and Chinese companies and businesses in understanding each other and doing successful business together, at the same time developing solid business relationships between the two countries. Its goal is to become the point of contact for New Zealand public and private corporations, companies and business to be engaged in business relationships with the People's Republic of China. CANZBC was established in 2006 and is based in Wellington New Zealand.

CANZBC provides a bridge between the business and commercial sectors of the two countries, through organising related programmes, playing advisory and advocacy roles for its members and support them entering into their specific markets, building positive networks for businesses and government agencies.

CANZBC assists New Zealand businesses in hosting delegations from and to China, organising seminars, conferences, and other events in connection with their business activities and helps New Zealand businesses expanding their market reach and build new relationships in China.

CANZBC provides practical and tailored business advice to meet members’ needs addressing their business interests and concerns. It offers companies opportunities to share their ideas and experiences as well.

CANZBC is able to provide certain management and administrative services to companies from New Zealand and China for their business developments in both countries. Especially, it can assist New Zealand companies in their efforts of exploring Chinese markets, dealing with challenges and complexities that they might come across in the business environment in China.

Some highlights of CANZBC events:

  • CANZBC 10th Anniversary celebration in Parliament
  • CANZBC signed up MoU agreement with NZCITA
  • China International Fair for Investment and Trade delegation visit
  • ‘How Can the Kiwi Technology Sector Reach China?’ Seminar
  • CANZBC Dairy Trade Corporation Forum
  • CANZBC and NZMTC Celebrate Free Trade Agreement with China
  • CANZBC partners with Maori tourism leaders to boost visitor numbers
  • Inaugural meeting and book launch in Parliament
  • Attended the New Zealand China Mayoral Forum 2017
  • Attended 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism Launch
  • Organised Business Forum with Upper Hutt City Council & Wellington Racing Club
  • Attended Annual CEO Dinner with the Prime Minister

新中商会——China and New Zealand Business Council (CANZBC),是一个旨在推动中新两国双 边贸易合作与发展的会员制机构。2006 年7 月在新西兰注册成立,并于2006 年9 月在新西 兰国会举行成立仪式暨记录新西兰华人奋斗历程的大型丛书《炎黄子孙》首发仪式。商会主 要由三方面成员组成,新西兰当地中小型企业、新西兰华商、中国国内企业。商会日常工作 由董事会协调管理,设有联席主席,秘书长,会计,董事等职务。其宗旨是协助关注中国市 场的新西兰企业,为它们进入中国市场提供必要的服务,同时积极推广两国商贸、科技、教 育、旅游等个领域的交流合作,促进新中两国友好关系发展。

成立10 多年以来,新中商会始终如一的关注中国和新西兰市场和企业,促进彼此进驻对方 市场,让中新两国的企业可以在繁荣的大市场环境中得到更多的实惠。商会组织并参与了新 西兰和中国的多项重大活动, 例如:

  • 新中商会举办庆祝新西兰航空公司“奥克兰-上海”直航研讨会
  • 新中商会组织华人华侨参与新西兰少数民族文化节
  • 新中商会筹备,面向新西兰全国发行的《亚洲杂志》,由时任新西兰外长宣布创刊首发
  • 新中商会受邀参加由新西兰旅游部主办的新西兰旅游博览会
  • 新中商会与新西兰贸易企业局举行研讨会,交流和探讨有关新中自贸协定谈判
  • 新中商会组织了由新西兰旅游部副部长率领的毛利旅游委员会代表团首次访问中国
  • 新中商会受邀参加了在奥克兰举办的行动亚洲商业峰会
  • 新中商会曾作为新西兰唯一的代理,组织并参与了位于广州的广交会
  • 为庆贺中新建交35周年,新中商会在新西兰总督府成功举办了庆祝晚宴
  • 新中商会参与并赞助新西兰中文周活动
  • 新中商会于2016年12月在新西兰国会成功举办了10周年庆祝活动
  • 新中商会与新西兰中国国际贸易促进委员会在新西兰国会签署战略合作备忘录
  • 新中商会受邀参加了2017中国-新西兰市长论坛
  • 新中商会参与组织惠灵顿侨社国庆庆祝晚宴
  • 新中商会参与协办和赞助了2017年新西兰中国电影节
  • 新中商会受邀参加了2019 年中国-新西兰旅游年启动仪式
  • 新中商会与上哈特市政府及惠灵顿赛马俱乐部组织了2019 年商业论坛和赛马活动
  • 新中商会受邀参加了2019 年中国-新西兰旅游年闭幕式
  • 新中商会受邀参加与新西兰总理的年度首席执行官晚宴

随着中新两国的的联系日益紧密,中国作为新西兰最大的贸易合作伙伴,两国之间的商业合 作将会越来越多。新中商会将会一如既往地发挥其商会职能,为中新两国中小企业家推荐并 促使其它合作项目的全面展开,架起新西兰与中国商贸、经济、文化的桥梁。让新西兰商家 更好的了解中国市场,让中国投资者,认知与熟悉新西兰的商业环境。为促进中新两国企业 交流合作以及新中贸易的发展,为新中两国,两国人民的友谊做出我们应有的贡献。