Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the China and New Zealand Business Council (CANZBC).

To become a member of CANZBC, you are required to complete both Part 1 and Part 2 member forms.

Part 1 Member Nomination Form
Part 1 is concerned primarily with meeting the regulatory requirements of the CANZBC Rules.
In Part 1 it is important to have the details of:

  • The proper legal name of the applicant
  • The authorized contact person
  • Two current CANZBC members to support your application. Please note that if you have any difficulties in locating two current CANZBC members, you may contact the Secretary for further assistance at

Where the CANZBC Board approves the applicant’s nomination, you will be notified by the Secretary of the first year’s annual subscription.

Provided CANZBC receives the subscription within 28 days of advice being sent to you from the Secretary, then the Secretary must enter the applicants name into the CANZBC register of members.

Part 2 member information form

Part 2 is designed to ensure that CANZBC has adequate information about the applicant so that it might most effectively help the applicant to develop and participate in China-New Zealand business relationships.

It is important that CANZBC understand the products & services that applicants have available and/or are seeking access to. Equally it is important for CANZBZ to understand the support services required by applicants.

The Board of CANZBC will seek your cooperation from time to time, to help keep the member’s information up to date.

The CANZBC Board looks forward to your participation.